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Oki Island

About Oki Island

If you’re looking to explore Japan beyond the usual tourist attractions, or simply to get away from the bustle of the cities and enjoy nature, Oki Island should be on your list. As one of the over 180 small islands that the Oki Island chain off the coast of Shimane prefecture, Oki Island is resplendent with nature and is recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark. One of its natural treasures is a 2000 year old cedar tree called “Yaosugi”, and there’s the curiously named “Boob Tree”, or Iwakura no Chichi Sugi. For breathtaking views you can’t miss Dangyo Waterfall, one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan and for good reason – the two waterfalls flowing from both sides of the Dangyo Shrine look like a scene out of a fantasy epic. Shirashima Coast north of Dogo Island has an observation deck that overlooks the entire Shirashima coast where you can see the other islands that make up Oki Islands such as Matsushima and Okinoshima. The island’s sole onsen, GOKA hot springs is a great place to unwind and experience the local culture. Be sure to try Oki Island’s local food specialty, sazae don, before you leave. It’s a hearty and satisfying meal typically served with sazae, or turban shell, with eggs, dried seaweed and other toppings on a bed of steaming rice.

Sights in Oki Island

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Dangyo Falls

Dangyo Falls is located upstream on the Nagu river, and consists of two warterfalls: Osudaki (Male Waterfall) and Mesudaki (Female Waterfall). The Dangyo Shrine

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Rosokujima (Candle Island)

This small island rock is a sea stack that resembles the shape of a candle. When the setting sun rests on its peak, it looks like a candle was lit. Visitors can

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Hotel Miyabi

Located just two minutes from Saigo-ko Port, this hotel boasts a scenic view of the ocean from the lobby and guest rooms.

Sight in Shimane

Jodogaura Shore Line

Locally known as a popular hiking spot, this designated national scenic spot is great for chilling out or having a leisurely picnic. It's found on the east sid

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Candle Island

This small uninhabited island rock is a sea stack that resembles a candle. When the setting sun rests on its peak, it looks like a lit candle. Visitors can take

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Shirashima Observation Deck

The Shirashima Observation Deck is a favorite among locals for its scenic view of the land and sea. It is often said that the contrast between the sky and sea i

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Oki Hot Springs "GOKA"

Goka Onsen (hot spring) with its warm homely feel is the perfect way to unwind after a day of adventure. As the only onsen on Oki island, Oki Hot Springs GOKA o

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Roasted Rice Ball Tea-Soup "Nabekuni"

This restaurant is famous for their roasted rice ball tea-soup. Based on a traditional Japanese dish called ochazuke, this simple Japanese dish is made by pouri

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Sea Urchin Kama-meshi Lunch Set "Suehiro"

This Japanese restaurant focuses on seafood and a traditional Japanese rice dish called "kamameshi". Highlights from Suehiro's menu include their well-known sea

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Tamawakasu-Mikoto Shrine Yaosugi Tree

This shrine is found in a very historic area of Oki, built in the iconic Oki-zukuri, or Oki style. Next to the shrine is the 2000 year old Yao Sugi Cedar, measu

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Cape Nagu

Empress Jingu was said to have passed by Cape Nagu, a geographically important location on the Oki Island passageway. The locals enjoy it as romantic lookout sp

Sight in Shimane

Iwakura no Chichi Sugi - "Iwakura Boob Tree"

Located east of the foot of Mt. Omachiji, this interestingly named tree is estimated to be about 800 years old. The locals hold festivals in honor of this sacre