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Escape the City to the beautiful Seaside Town of Nishi-Izu

A coastal town located in the Shizuoka-Kanto area of Japan, Nishi-Izu is known for fresh seafood and its outstanding natural beauty. It really is a must-visit for any outdoor adventurer or travel-buff.

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5 reasons to visit Shizuoka Prefecture

It's a difficult pick to decide which of Japan's prefectures that I've visited is my favorite, but the beauty of Shizuoka is hard to beat. On a recent trip back

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Coastal Cafe Vibes in Shimoda

One of my favorite spots to visit in Japan is Shimoda, on the Izu Peninsula. I love the beaches, I love the entire atmosphere - and finding an awesome relaxed c

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Hiking In Japan

IntroductionJapan is a country of mountains that have emerged from the sea over the course of thousands of years. Scale Mount Fuji to see the sunrise or take an

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Shizuoka: Exploring Beyond Mt. Fuji

Eastern Shizuoka has so much natural beauty to offer including the famous Mount Fuji. So I struggled to find a reason to keep exploring further into the prefect