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The Best Times to Visit Tochigi

Tochigi prefecture is best known for its nature, which makes it obvious that any sort of flower viewing is going to be amazing.

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Tochigi Food Guide

Sano RamenSano ramen is what you would imagine the perfect example of ramen looks like. Sano ramen prides itself on its simple yet creative cooking process, as

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Tochigi Access Guide

Tochigi Prefecture is relatively close to the metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons why it is often chosen as the destination for elementary and middle

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Tochigi 2-day-tour Itinerary

Tochigi is most famous for its natural beauty, and because of this it is a very popular getaway spot for those that live in the metropolitan area. Its proximity

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First Time in Tochigi

Photo Cred: Flickr user Ankur P [email protected]/35643087966/Nikko Tosho-gu The Nikko Tosho-gu is the main shrine in the Nikko National Park, and is the official r

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Scenic view in Nikko - prepare to be impressed

The small town of Nikko,  located about an hour from Tokyo., by Shinkanen, is the home of  Nikko National Park. Without being rude, you can say that the city si

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Check out the best illuminations in Japan - at a flower park!

Headed to Japan in the winter months? You might be a bit envious of folks that have experienced Japan during the beautiful cherry blossom season, or the changin

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1000 Samurai warriors in Nikko!

This coming weekend (October 16th and 17th), if you happen to be in Japan and the Kanto area, you have the opportunity to attend a large festival and celebratio

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Tochigi Prefecture: Nikko's World Heritage Sites

When one talks about Nikko, it is easy to associate it to a very common impression that the area, situated in the northw

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Explore Japan: A Day in Tochigi Prefecture

The spires of Tokyo melt slowly into well-ordered suburbs, where the lawns morph into stretches of rice paddies bright green against the summer sky. The rocking

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Two Winter Days in Tochigi

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