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About Ashikaga

The city was well known for its textile industry, but in recent years the focus has turned towards aluminium, metal machining and plastic engineering. Ashikaga is also home to Japan's oldest school (Ashikaga Gakko) and largest wisteria garden (Ashikaga Flower Park).

Sights in Ashikaga

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Bannaji Temple

Banna-ji Temple is a National Treasure and is one of the best preserved Zen Buddhist temples in Japan.

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Ashikaga Museum of Art

The Ashikaga museum of art is merged naturally into a collective neighbourhood and contains various temporary exhibits along with local art and cultural exhibi

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Ashikaga Flower Park

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Coco Farm & Winery

Coco Farm & Winery is located in Tochigi prefecture. As well as the vineyards there is a cafe on site and a shop for you to buy their products.

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Ashikagashi Yakata

Ashikagashi Yakata, also known as Banna-ji Temple, was the fortified residence of of Ashikaga Yoshikane. This complex is one of the earliest forms of castles in

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Kanayama Castle Remains

Kanayama Castle was built in 1469. It is known as a 'Yamajiro' (castle built on top of a mountain). It is a National Historical Site and is one of the Kanto are