Neighborhood in Tochigi:

Nasu, Nasushibobara, & Nasukarasuyama

About Nasu, Nasushibobara, & Nasukarasuyama

The Nasu area including Nasuhiobara, the area around Mount Nasudake, and Shiobara Onsen area is centered around an active volcano in the northernmost corner of Tochigi Prefecture. These forested areas are home to several hot springs including Nasu Onsen and in addition to hot springs, Nasushiobara is known for its natural scenery. Mount Nasudake is a popular hiking destination, and there are many hiking trails, waterfalls and pedestrian suspension bridges. This is an amazing destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sights in Nasu, Nasushibobara, & Nasukarasuyama

Sight in Tochigi

Seiji Fujishiro Museum

Seiji Fujishiro was born in 1924 and is a kiri-e artist, creating cut-out art with the help of silhouettes, mirrors, and lighting. This museum, surrounded by sc

Sight in Tochigi

Nasu Yuzen Jinja Shrine

It is said that this shrine brings luck for success in business, well-being of one's family, good relationship,and health. This shrine is famous for Yamato Saza

Sight in Tochigi

Cherry Blossom Trees along Sotome

At this site, approximately 100 cherry trees create a long arch of cherry blossoms over a street.

Sight in Tochigi

Kitsuregawa Sky Tower

Kitsuregawa Sky Tower is the perfect place to view the city and its surrounding mountains.

Sight in Fukushima

Shirakawa Castle Remains

Shirakawa Castle, also known as Karame Castle, was built by the Shirakawa Family in the 13th century.

Sight in Tochigi

Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Museum of Art

This museum is devoted to the woodblock print and ukiyo-e artist Ando Hiroshige, also known under the name of Utagawa Hiroshige. The artwork on display was dona