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About Sano

This city is known for its Sano ramen, the soup is a light soy sauce and meat broth, but the real attraction are the noodles. Most shops feature a glassed-in area where you can see the dough being pounded in a traditional style with a bamboo pole and cut by hand. Sano is also home to a large outlet shopping mall and the headquarters of the Japan Cricket Association.

Sights in Sano

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Karasawayama Jinja Shrine

Karasawayama shrine is a small shrine located in Sano city, Tochigi. This shrine enshrines Fujiwara no Hidesato, a military commander during Heian era.

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Kuzu Fossil Museum

Popular among many families, the museum is a educational and budget-friendly yet fun outing for young children. Not only does the museum provide a variety of in

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Sano City Museum

This is a museum which has a connection with Shozo Tanaka.

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Ohirasan Jinja Shrine (Ohira Mountain Observatory)

Ohirasan Jinja is a Shinto shrine in Tochigi.

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Izurusan Mangan-ji Temple

Izurusan Mangan-ji is a Buddhist temple in Tochigi and part of the Bando pilgrimage circuit.

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Mount Iwafune Koshoji Temple

Located by Mount Iwafune, also known as Iwafunesan, this temple holds much religious significance in the Kanto district. According to legend, the temple was bui

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Izuru Fure-ai-no-mori

Suitable for a nature outing with the whole family, this park offers various facilities such as camping grounds, barbeque area, cottages, and playground. Visito

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Shiroyama Park

Located right at the north exit of Sano station, this park stands right at the center of the city's former downtown and is home to the Sano Castle ruins. Built

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Mikamoyama Park

This park rests on Mt. Mikamo, which stands over the city of Sanocand Iwafune. The forest floor is covered with dogtooth violet and during spring, the cherry bl

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Ohira Moutain

Ohira-san is a 341 meter high mountain with a lot of history.

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Sano Premium Outlets

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Karasawayama Castle Ruins

Karasawayama Castle was a yamashiro (mountain castle) built in 927. It was long considered an impregnable castle.