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Tochigi City

About Tochigi City

Formerly the capital of Tochigi prefecture, Tochigi city was a rich commercial center during the Edo period. The Uzuma river flows through the city and was a major contributor to its success. One of the few left intact after WW2, and as a result, you'll see many traditional buildings and museums dotting the city.

Sights in Tochigi City

Sight in Tochigi

Tochigi Dashi Kaikan

The Tochigi Dashi Kaikan is a museum/experience at which you can experience the feeling of the Tochigi Autumn Festival at anytime of the year thanks to three pe

Sight in Tochigi

Tsuganosato Park

This park offers different areas for different purposes. A family area is equipped with playgrounds, the Furusato Center houses an udon restaurant and rest area

Sight in Tochigi

Kuranomachi Old Town

This site is an approximately 4km long walk through an antiquated town with old buildings, old shops and a taste of old-fashioned culture of the Edo, Meiji, and

Sight in Tochigi

Yokoyama Kyodokan

An 18 minute walk from Tochigi train station, this local museum was previously the residence and business premises of the Yokoyama family, a wealthy merchant fa