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Five tried-and-true ways to learn Japanese

With so many ways to learn Japanese, how do you know which one will work for you? In our article, we give you our top 5 ways!

Article by LaShawn Toyoda

How to Tell Your Japanese Company You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy shouldn’t be something scary, but sometimes it is. Many women worry about telling their company that they’re expecting, because they fear that they’ll receive a negative reaction. I certainly felt that way when I found out I was pregnant shortly after accepting a new job.

Article by Elise Meng

2019 Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Japan

2020 is your year to finally get yourself to Japan... and this is how you do it.

Article by Elsda Li

My Hike Up Mt. Takao ⛰!

There is no better way to experience the culture and geography of Japan than to hike up one of their sacred and treasured mountains!

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Write it, Lick it, Send it! | Stationary Magic in Japan

Japan has the highest quality stationary than anywhere else in the world. Letter paper here has a thick yet soft feel to them, while the designs are beautiful and unique. The gold embossed motifs, holographic symbols and shapes, and perfectly designed envelopes will turn anyone into a letter writer. Let’s explore some of my favorite stationary items as well as the places where you can get them!

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Sneak Peek Into to the Permanent Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the Pokemon Cafe from yours truly Sharmander and Akidearest!

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International Tokyo Toy Show 2019

Who said it was just for kids? Japan's largest toy trade show going on this weekend at the Tokyo Big Sight 💁🏻‍♀️

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Spa-ntaneous Spa Day In Japan!

When was the last time you took care of your face? Often traveling to a new country can be so exciting and tiring, that we can forget to take care of our face or body and end up plopping onto the bed right when you get back to your hotel room. It is important to remember to breathe and to take a day apart from all that adventuring to treat yourself🧖🏻‍♀️.

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Top 5 Products to Keep you Cool During Japan’s Intense Heat 2019 Edition

We can already feel the hot, humid weather creeping on us. Here's our top 5 picks to stay cool and fresh all summer long. 🌬❄️✨

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Putting the Fun in Funny | A Guide to Comedy Clubs in Japan

Have you ever watched a Japanese comedy? They come in many forms such as skits, talk shows, and performance art. If you have seen any of these, you might have noticed how different it is compared to your home country. To really categorize their sense of humor, it is a combination of slapstick, witty gags, and subtle wordplay that is deeply ingrained into the Japanese culture. From the outsider’s perspective, it could be rather confusing, or seem over-exaggerated

Article by Elsda Li

“Mottainai!” Culture

“Mottainai!” is a phrase in Japanese that means “What a waste!”. In Japan, being frugal is ingrained into the community and the culture, and in this article we will explore some of the sites that help make Japan the efficient and resourceful place it is.

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A sneak peek into Emma, aka. Tokidoki Traveller's 2DK, 43m2 home on the outskirts of Tokyo!

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Asia’s Largest Art Event — Design Festa Tokyo

The 2-day extravaganza that brings artists and art enthusiasts together at the Tokyo Big Sight.

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Our First TC LEARN Offline Event

Celebrating the launch of TC Learn 🎉,Tokyo Creative's newest platform and all the fun that went down that day.

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A New Tiffany & Co. Concept Store Opens in Harajuku: Home to 1 of 2 Tiffany Cafes in the World!

Tiffany & Co. and Harajuku have teamed up on a new concept store called Tiffany @ Cat Street!

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Why the Newest Muji Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 3

Part 3 of our last series covering everything on MUJI Ginza! Sharing why MUJI Diner is a must try along with why it's worthwhile to stay at MUJI Hotel Ginza.

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Who will win? Team Canada vs. Team Japan run around Laox to try and find the BEST birthday gift for Emma (Tokidoki Traveller)!

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We head to LUSH Harajuku's LUSH LABS — the first concept store of its kind

2 floors dedicated to those fizzy and colorful bath bombs. A bath bomb lovers dream come true! 🛁