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About Ebisu

Ebisu, located in the Shibuya area, is close to Daikanyama. This was a small, country area in the Edo Period. However, now it is the same size as Daikanyama, and like Meguro is primarily a business district. Near Ebisu station, you will find the Ebisu garden palace – this consists of roughly a dozen French style buildings, all of which are decorated with special lights that create a unique and romantic atmosphere. The Yebisu Beer museum exhibits the history and science of beer brewing in Japan, and offers beer tastings! If you take the west exit at Ebisu station, there are many stylish, local stores in the Ebisu market. These shops have adopted the traditional way of doing business, and are a change from traditional western shops. International foodies should also take the west exit of Ebisu station. There are many ramen stores, all part of a fierce competition for the best ramen. A competition that benefits all ramen lovers!

Sights in Ebisu

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La Boutique de Joel Robuchon

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Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

The museum is currently closed for renovations, but will open again in autumn 2016.

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Itasoba Kaoriya

Itasoba Kaoriya is a soba restaurant located in Ebisu.

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Ebisu Garden Place

Ebisu Garden Place is a large open space in Ebisu often used for big events, movie premiers etc, and also contains a variety of shops and restaurants.

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This Ebisu, Tokyo restaurant specializes in Kappo cuisine, a type of Japanese banquet where the chef -- usually working behind the kitchen counter in front of a

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Museum of Yebisu Beer

The Museum of Yebisu Beer is located in the district of Ebisu in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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What the Dickens!

What the Dickens! is a British style pub located in Ebisu serving a variety of drinks and pup-grub from the UK.

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Ebisu Jinja Shrine

Ebisu Shrine, formerly known as Amatsu shrine, is located close to Ebisu station.

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Suzuran Ebisu

Based in Ebisu, Suzuran is known for its thick, chewy, and wide noodles. An unusual fact about this place: They play The Carpenters on a loop all year round!

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Upgrading to larger premises from Kabukicho, Shinjuku, in 2004, this approximately 900-person club is one of Tokyo's top venues for live music. The Liquidroom m

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Ebisu Yokocho

This long alleyway is set in the upmarket area of Ebisu and is lined with many small taverns. It's a perfect place for a night of bar-hopping.

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Bar Martha

Bar Martha is located in Ebisu, it’s a music bar with a wall full of records where you can choose one for them to play.