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About Sakaiminato

This whimsical city west of Japan's Tottori prefecture is an absolute treat. Little surprises await at every corner from the moment you arrive at Sakaiminato Station. Anime and manga fans will immediately recognize the 100 bronze yokai (ghost) statues that line Mizuki Shigeru Road facing the station, named after the creator of classic manga GeGeGe no Kitaro who calls Sakaiminato his hometown. But that's just the beginning. Proud locals celebrate Mizuki Shigeru's life and achievements literally throughout the city. There's a museum dedicated to him, and his mischievous creations can be found everywhere – in public gardens, on signage and even park benches. Of course, as one of Japan's most established fishing towns the food here is also scarily good. Fresh crabs and tuna abound, so find a local restaurant that looks good and dig in! One of the city's other main attractions is the Yumeminato Tower in Yumeminato Park. The observation room over 40 meters up offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and Mt. Daisen.

Sights in Sakaiminato

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Shigeru Mizuki Road

Mizuki Shigeru, from Sakaiminato, was an artist fascinated with yokai, or Japanese demons, who went on to create the popular manga Ge Ge Ge No Kintaro. Alongsid

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Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Museum

This museum features around 700 pieces of artwork by Mizuki Shigeru, creator of the popular manga Ge Ge Ge No Kintaro. Inside you’ll find original illustrations

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Sakaiminato Marine Products Direct Market Center

Offering nothing but fresh fish that has been caught the same morning, this fish market is full of seasoned fish marketers. The direct market offers a whole ran

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Sakaiminato Fish Center

Established April 30th, 1999, this fish center is where many local traders gather for reasonably priced products. Watching the live trading and shouting of pric

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Monster Shrine

This shrine can be found on the Mizuki Shigeru Road. Shigeru Mizuki was a Japanese manga author and historian, and this area is known to be his hometown. The sh

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Monster Rental Bicycle

This bike rental place encourages tourists to see the popular sites around town, especially the yokai (ghosts). The path starts at the head of Mizuki Shigeru Ro

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Yumeminato Tower

Located in the Yumeminato park, this landmark offers many different activities for people of all ages to enjoy. The Yumeminato Tower measures in at around 43 me

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Minatomachi Shopping District

This shopping district right next to Yumeminato Tower features Taisho Roman styled red brick warehouses and offers goods not just from around the area, but from

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This seafood restaurant specializing in crab and fish dishes is located right beside Sakaiminato and easily accessible from the national highway. During the col

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Hotel Oyado Nono

Hotel Oyado Nono opened in 2016 and features a traditional Japanese aesthetic. Its amenities include restaurants, a bar, sauna, and a couple of onsens (hot spri

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Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Established in 1865, this historical sake brewery was built with authenticity, safety and health as its main themes. The Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery offers factory