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Toyama Food Guide

MasuzushiMasuzushi is a type of boxed meal, that is frequently sold at train stations for long rides. It is a pressed sushi, served with salted and vinegared tr

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Toyama Access Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user foooomio [email protected]/14894581628/Train Railways are a major means of transportation in Toyama; the prefecture has three main lines wi

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Toyama 1-day-tour Itinerary

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a famous day-trip travel destination for Toyama, as it is relatively straightforward and is beautiful regardless of the time

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The Best Times to Visit Toyama

Photo Cred: Flickr user tsuda [email protected]/133375756/Tonami Tulip Fair in Spring  Spring time is a time of relaxation and warming up after the cold winter. Wha

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First Time in Toyama

Toyama prefecture is particularly great for those that want to experience what nature Japan has to offer. Be it glaciers, mountain trekking routes, or old thatc

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Is Kurobe Gorge on Your Must-See List? It Should Be!

via akirafoto/31313422385/sizes/l/ "An open carriage train ride, green mountains, blue water, snow bridges, natural hot springs, happy kids, parents and grandpa

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Kurobe Gorge

Kurobe Gorge is a natural gorge in the mountains of Toyama prefecture. It's most famous for its Autumn leaves, but is beautiful at any time! However due to heav