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My favourite sweet treats from Chateraise patisserie

From a tiny shop in 1954 surrounded by lush green mountains in Kofu city, Chateraise has now made a name for itself both within Japan and internationally. The p

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Yamanashi Food Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user odysseygate [email protected]/263691722/Houtou Houtou is a dish best known for its flat noodles and miso-based broth. While it may seem simi

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Yamanashi Access Guide

Yamanashi is incredibly close to Tokyo and the metropolitan area, in that the prefecture is literally a train ride away from Shinjuku and the center of Tokyo. T

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Yamanashi 1-day Itinerary

Photo Cred: Flickr user prelude2000 [email protected]/17893786700/The best part of Yamanashi is arguably its natural beauty. Mount Fuji and the five lakes surroundi

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The Best Times to Visit Yamanashi

Photo Cred: Flickr user Ankur P [email protected]/35780547982/Fields of Flowers in Spring If you’re looking for truly picturesque fields of flowers during your spri

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First Time in Yamanashi

Photo Cred: Flickr user redlegsfan21 [email protected]/16029821838/Lake KawaguchiLake Kawaguchi, or Kawaguchi-ko, is one of the five Fuji lakes that surround the vo

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Samurai Battle Experience in Historic Kawanakajima, Japan

Kawanakajima Samurai Battle -- Photo by George PopescuThe battle of Kawanakajima, fought in the mid-16th century, was the fiercest of a series of five clashes