Journey Across Japan: Abroad on a Bike

Chris Broad attempts to cycle 2,000km from the seaside town of Sakata in Yamagata prefecture to Kagoshima City. Tune in for daily updates as he's joined by a number of special guests, who have been specially selected to support and/or hurl abuse along the way.


Watch: I'm Cycling Across Japan for 2 MONTHS Tomorrow

Two months. 2,000km across Japan. Daily videos. A ridiculous challenge that'll push me to the edge. And it all starts tomorrow.

Watch: Day 1: Cycling 2,000KM Across Japan

Our first day on the 2,000km cycle across Japan goes mostly according plan (except not for Natsuki).

Watch: Day 2: Why I'm Cycling Across Japan

As Day Two of the 2,000km cycle gets under way, the horrific weather forces Chris to reflect on why he decided to do this.

Watch: Day 3: Japanese Sake Vending Machines Are Amazing

Sake Vending Machines are the ultimate reward for Day Three of the journey, where Chris faces his toughest challenge yet.

Watch: Day 4: Eating a Mountain of Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken

Crispy Karaage Fried Chicken is one of Japan's greatest dishes and on Day 4 of our trip across Japan, Chris is challenged to eat a mountain of the stuff.