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From English Teacher to CEO in Japan|The Secret to My Success

If English teaching isn’t your calling, Tokyo Creative CEO, Chris Okano shows you why this can be your first step into landing your dream job in Japan.

Posted: a year ago by Tokyo Creative Quote

If English teaching isn’t your calling, Tokyo Creative CEO, Chris Okano shows you why this can be your first step into landing your dream job in Japan.

Posted: a year ago by Chris Quote

I think my path to where I am today is quite different and unique. I think I credit everything to the people I met on my journey here and preparing myself for opportunities when they arose. If you guys have any questions relating to this video, please feel free to comment here. I will do my best to help any of you guys out who would like to transition out of a job they aren't happy with here in Japan.

Posted: a year ago by Elise Quote

HOLY SMOKES. I've always thought I couldn't teach English, but after conversations with my Japanese friends, I realised that English teaching can also be a great and valuable resource for Japanese-learners or Japanese-enthusiasts too.

Chris does a really great job in showing us that English teaching can be an opportunity for you to experience the inner workings of a Japanese company first-hand, as well as being able to do some language exchange whilst teaching. So for all my fellow foreigners, don't let English teaching freak you out of moving to Japan! (You'll also meet so many AWESOME people, so why pass on that opportunity?!?)

Posted: a year ago by Tomas Quote

What about English teaching opportunities when I'm not native English speaker and I have only a High School diploma focused on engineering? Is it even possible to get English teaching job or basically any job while I also currently live outside of Japan?
From my point of view it seems like I need at least bachelor's degree and some kind of English language certificate to be eligible candidate at least for the English teaching job.

Posted: a year ago by Adam Quote

I really wish I knew about more of this back in my University days, maybe I would have switched degrees to something I wanted to finish!

Either way, this video had lots of great information, and I think I'll work on my networking and linkedin profile.

Posted: a year ago by Chris Quote

@Adam: Thank you for the comment! Yeah I really wish I had studied web development in uni haha

Posted: a year ago by Chris Quote

@tomas: From my experience, most English teaching jobs require a native level of English to will be even harder without a college degree unfortunately

Posted: a year ago by Elise Quote

@Tomas– we can definitely create a video answering your questions! I'm not too well versed on English teaching in Japan, but Emma (TokiDoki Traveler), Shizuka, Chris Broad and so much more of our influencer team has gone down that road so I'll leave it up to them.

As for getting an English teaching jobs– or any jobs in Japan for that matter– while you're living outside of Japan is possible if you show the company that you have a solid Working Visa (or a visa that allows you to work) and that you meet the assumed skills requirements. Don't forget– your native language is also important too! There are some great online services that let you teach your native tongue and/or English so you can definitely start building out your teaching skills there.

Posted: a year ago by The Edamame Quote

Thanks Chris for this video. We really liked how you emphasize the networking side of things (loved the "Tokyo is a relatively small city" :D )

Posted: a year ago by Kim Catherine Quote

@Thomas - Hey, I’m from Germany (so obviously not a native speaker) but I work in one of the Eikaiwas (English conversation schools) in Tokyo. From what I experienced you don’t need to be native speaker or have studied anything related to English, you just have to have studied it in English and need a bachelors degree. I think the degree it one of the most important points to get a visa here.

Posted: a year ago by Dutchie Abroad Quote

Very well built up video. Quite surprised you didn't mention anything about the Tourism and Hospitality work sector. I have a Bachelor degree in International Hospitality Management, but lack the work experience to actually fill a manager role atm. Though I'd love to teach English (even though it is not my native language), are there possibilities of finding a job in hospitality without Japanese language skills?

Posted: a year ago by Tomas Quote

@Chris @KimCatherine - So it looks like I should start working towards acquiring at least a bachelors degree studied in English language :) Thank you for the informations.

@Elise - Video with more details about this topic would be really helpful. :)

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